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Material: Face: 100% Polyester,

Back: 56% Cotton/44% Rayon
Dimensions: 30 X 30 cm.
Each pillow costs 40$
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Sublimation print technology.
The sublimation is a process representing the physical transfer of an image over specially processed surfaces (like ceramics, metal and polyester fabrics). The process includes three basic components – sublimation ink, temperature and pressure. Sublimation inks are water based heat sensitive chemicals. The image is printed over a special paper (this is called the pre-transfer process). Then both the paper and the object to be sublimated have to be put in a transfer press. The thermo-transfer cycle causes a reaction, making the image go over the object without harming the surface or degrading the quality.
Sublimation friendly materials include polyester, polymere or polymere processed surfaces. The high temperature transforms the ink into gas without passing through a liquid state, while spreading the polymere ‘pores’ at the same time, allowing the gas to penetrate into the material. When removed from the press, the object becomes cooler and the polymere ‘pores’ get closed up. Now gas goes into a hard state again, becoming a part of the polymere.
Well produced, the sublimation print can not be washed out or weared out in any way until the fabric gets damaged!
Sublimation could not be made over natural fabrics and materials. Natural materials do not respond to the high temperature used in the sublimation process. This is causing the ink to stay on top of the surface. Still, there is a large variety of materials that are suitable for processing by sublimation.
It is desirable that the fabrics to be printed are pure white or have no colour, because white doesn’t change the colours of the inks, the image keeps its contrast and colour scale. Of course, the fabric’s background could always be dyed in desired colour as well.
Sublimation empowers us to print live and bright images with unlimited colour variations and shades. The images are great in details, freshness and sharpness!